Hello everyone

Today we start this blogging adventure on our page.

First of all we want to tell you what it is and why the LAY LAY project was born.

As the title of this blog announces, Lay Lay is a dream... a dream of transformation at all levels.

Like any project, this one also began with a recurring idea, which had been repeated for many years but had no structure or organization, it was just an illusion of some people who, in some way or another, despite being different in character, aspirations and formations, they had something in common, and it was to improve the world where they lived through that all people found their place and felt part of it, whoever they were... and starting from the fact that we wanted to be, above all, creative with our products ; we wanted to create something beautiful and connect with the public.

So, who "put and arranged" our desire and made us dare, was a little girl named Leah, who since she was born, made us braver for everything.

Due to its problems related to intolerances, we began to look for hypoallergenic, sustainable and high-quality materials, so that they would be the fundamental basis of our products.

This is how we managed to create the range of t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories that currently live on our website, in accordance with these quality and sustainability criteria.

I am missing an important piece of information to tell... I have not told you that one of the creators of this project (not for that reason anymore) is a psychologist by profession.

And you will say: what paints a psychologist making t-shirts? Well, I'll explain it to you.

This vocation psychologist is convinced that expression is part of healing; so he put his knowledge to this service, trying to make the messages of these products a way in which the words, sensations and feelings that people are not capable of expressing, can see the light and that one day they will be the help to be said. , helping the EXPRESSION of your EMOTION.

With all this, Lay Lay aims to be your fashionable Art Therapy...

We hope to see you soon here or somewhere cool!

thanks for reading us

Team Lay Lay

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